Power Socket Installation

Install Electrical Outlet

We provide fast, safe and affordable power socket installation. Our services cover both installing completely new power points and upgrading from singular power points to double power points. If needed, we will also perform rewiring services. Once installation has been completed, we perform testing of all sockets.

Our Capabilities:

  • Installing electrical outlets
  • Repairing existing power sockets
  • Electrical socket wiring
  • Upgrading single power sockets to double power sockets
  • Building weatherproof power points


Fixing Faulty Electrical Socket Wiring

Step 1: Accessing Current Wiring

To start, we turn off the power at the mains. Before doing so, we alert all users on premise that the power is about to be cut. This helps to prevent any serious accidents. Next, we remove the socket faceplate from the wall by unscrewing the face and pulling it out slowly. Special attention has to be given here to prevent damage from being dealt to
existing cables.


Step 2: Fixing Damaged Wiring

At this stage, we need to ensure that the existing wiring was firstly connected to the right terminals and secondly, had not suffered any heat damage. If heat damage is observed, we will need to cut the damaged end of the wire and strip back some insulation. After which, we fix the wiring to a new faceplate and fit it to the wall. Special attention is given here to prevent any part of the wires from being trapped between the wall and the plate. Finally, we switch on the power and test the socket with a voltage checker.


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