Water Tap Repair


SGPE offers water tap repair services for both residential and commercial facilities, providing you with a fast and cost effective solution. As a professional plumbing services company, our team of PUB Licensed Plumbers (LPs) provide water service works and sanitary works that are in line with the LP scheme.

Water Tap Repair

Water taps in Singapore are designed to give users’ many years of use, however the various parts of the system inevitably develop issues over time. Since they exist as a component of your plumbing system, water tap issues may not always originate from faulty components of the tap itself, but may arise due to problems with your piping. Therefore, it is crucial to always engage professionals to accurately diagnose the problem and perform pipe repair service if necessary.

While isolated and simple water tap problems can be self-remedied, if leakage continues to occur, you should contact a professional electrical and plumbing services Singapore company. Here are three common water tap problems:

Low Water Pressure

Decreasing water pressure in house appliances is a frequently cited problem. Possible grounds to explain this occurrence include pipe corrosion, pipe leakage or build-up within faucet aerators.


Dripping/Leaking Faucet

Ever wondered why water droplets continue to trickle down from your tap even though you have use your utmost strength to close it? If so, you may have a faulty faucet, which could have been caused by a variety of factors such as corrosion of the valve or worn out O-rings.


Slow and Clogged Drains

You would probably have come across slow draining sinks at some point, and subsequently clogging when excessive water enters. Intuitively, we can guess that the most likely cause would be foreign materials (the number 1 culprit being our own hair) clogging the drain, however piping deterioration or poor working mechanical drains may be other reasons for the slow drainage.