Pipe Installation | Pipe Repair Service


Pipe leakage is a fairly common issue that requires immediate attention due to the resulting loss of water and possible damage inflicted on the premise. There are many causes for pipe leakages, including poor pipe installation or weakening of pipes over time. Due to the complexity in both installing and troubleshooting leakages, you should seek the help of an electrical and plumbing services Singapore company.


Pipe Installation

Pipe installation can be trickier and riskier task than what one would imagine as it is affected by a range of factors. Considered a dedicate operation, incorrect pipe installation can create flood damage to the area if done wrong. As such, highly technical knowledge and professional tools are required to accurately install the pipes.

Common considerations that a professional plumbers will advise you on include:

Sizing of Pipework

When choosing the pipes for your property, it is important to consider the intended uses for them. If pipes do not have sufficient hydraulic capacity or have excess, the risk of structural failure increases.

Gradient of Pipework

Certain pipes are installed at a gradient to allow for gravity-aided flows, reducing the strain on your plumbing system. If done at an incorrect gradient, the risk of blocking is created.


A piping misconnection describes a scenario where fresh water and waste water are incorrectly connected together. This is a very serious situation that can cause harmful damage to users.


Professional plumbers are always careful to consider your future plans for the facility. As a result, they build in access points that allow future work to be done on the pipes with minimal fuss.



Pipe Repair

Depending on the rate of outflow, the leak may not be obvious at first, thus harming areas which are less visible. As such, even symptoms such as moisture on surfaces should be investigated. Leaking pipes may also cause problems for other components in your system, thus requiring you to engage complementary services such as water tap repair.

As soon as you suspect a pipe leak, be it big or small, it is important to immediately turn off your water supply. If left to run, the leak may grow in size, causing a pipe burst to occur eventually. After cutting off the water supply, take time to mop or drain leaked water so as to prevent further damage to your premise. Water leakage may also promote the growth of mold on furniture or cause damage to electrical appliances in addition to already inflating your utility bill.

Professional plumbers can help you by:

Locating leaking pipes that may be behind your walls

Where moisture is appearing on your walls or furnishing, the origin of the leak may be from pipes located behind your walls. In such a situation, professional equipment such as special cameras and wall cutting tools may be needed to access these pipes.

Use permanent fixes

Many off-the-rack DIY products that you may find in stores are meant to be temporary fixes for leaky pipes. As such, their effectiveness reduces within a fairly short period of time. While they may seemingly work for now, the root cause of the problem may not have been solved. As such, leaks might continue to occur at different spots. In contrast, plumbers help to accurately diagnose the root causes for the leak and directly address it.