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24 Hour Plumbing Service in Singapore

Having a strong piping system is essential for every home. However, it is only thought about during an emergency or when things start to break down. Here at SGPE – electrical and plumbing services Singapore, we are here to aid you with all your piping issues as we offer a great comprehensive range of plumbing works in Singapore.

Here, our plumbers are either highly trained or experienced in their specialization. Our plumbing works have proven to be instrumental in helping several residential and even commercial buildings. On top of that, being responsive is one of our company’s motto. As a professional plumbing service company, our workers are trained to execute a complete reliable plumbing services for all residents.

Do you have clogged, leaking or slow draining sinks, pipes or taps?
Call us and we will respond to you immediately as we work around the clock 24/7!

Professional Plumbing Services

Our plumbing works in Singapore include:

Bathroom or toilet plumbing works

  • Toilet sink/drain choke repair or replacement
  • Siphon repair or replacement to ensure smooth water discharge into toilet bowl
  • Replacement of Cistern Fitting/Flush Cistern for Toilet Bowl
  • Supply & Install All type of Sanitary Ware and Instant & Storage Heater

Other plumbing works

  • Solve flush tank leakages
  • Solve burst or leaking pipes
  • Solve tap leakages
  • Water heater repair or replacement
  • Water tap repair or replacement
  • Water leakage diagnosis or detection
  • Pipe repair or replacement
  • Pipe cleaning works

Kitchen plumbing works

  • Kitchen sink / basin choke remedy or replacement

More complex plumbing works

  • Basement or slab leakages
  • Concealed pipes leakages
  • Underground pipes leakages
  • Clogged drains
  • Repiping works
    • Re-Piping of entire house unit with copper, PVC or stainless-steel pipes
    • Supply or replacement of aluminium or stainless-steel refuse chute (Dustbin)
    • Supply or replacement of sanitary & plumbing fixtures

Advantages of our Plumbing Works

  • All days 24-Hours plumbing, even on holidays
  • Responsive during emergencies
  • Accurate diagnosis, where you only pay for what is needed
  • Complete plumbing processes to ensure that every aspect of your piping system is taken care of
  • Experienced & trained Singapore plumbers
  • Strong plumbing coverage
  • Affordable and cost-effective pricing
  • We cover a wide range of plumbing works: from minor to major

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