LED Light Installation


Installing LED Lights In Ceiling

We provide comprehensive LED light installation works, including all electrical source planning and rewiring services.

Our Steps:

  1. Site Survey
  2. Location Planning
  3. Electrical Source Planning
  4. Minor Construction Works To Fix Light Structures
  5. Powering Down Circuit Temporarily
  6. Connecting Wires And Installing Electrical LED Lights
  7. Testing & Inspection


What To Look Out For In A LED Light Installation Company

Certification & Experience

Improper planning and installation of LED lighting can lead to severe consequences such as short circuits or even overheating. The experience and professional certifications of our technicians ensure that we are able to truly service our clients. We provide up to 90 days warranty.


LED Light Output

LED lights differ based on their light output (lumens) and power consumption. A good LED installation company will be able to advice you on the appropriate lights in order to ensure sufficient lighting without excess electricity consumption.


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