Main Breaker Replacement | Breaker Box Replacement


SGPE is a professional electrical contractor, we provide circuit breaker replacement along with its individual components. Our electricians are licensed by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and comply with all EMA standards.

If your circuit breaker repeatedly trips, it may be a sign of it failing. However, there are other possible explanations that could explain your power failure. Only after testing for these causes, should you be certain that your breaker box has a fault.

Replace your Circuit Breaker Today

Typically, circuit breakers start to fail due to trips happening frequently, causing the internal switch linkage to get worn down. Other possible explanations include power spikes, lightning strikes or water contact.

When this occurs, the circuit breaker has to be replaced. Unfortunately, this task carries a fair amount of risk as it requires exposure to the main service panel and the main power bars, thus risking serious shock if not done right. Due to the accuracy needed and danger involved in performing this repair, it is highly recommended not to do it yourself, but instead enlist the help of an electrical and plumbing services Singapore company.