Useful Signs To Spot A Pipe Leak
A leaky pipe does not occur often at home, but when it does, it can be a massive inconvenience to the entire household. Not only does it result in a waste of water due to the leak, it can also cause excessive damage to the affected parts of your house. Not to mention the unnecessary time and cost it will take to fix it.

Identifying a pipe leak outright is easier said than done, and there are instances where you are not even aware if your pipes have sprung a leak. Hence it is useful to educate yourself on a few signs that indicate a possible pipe leak in your home. It is better to recognise the signs of a pipe leak sooner and enlist the help from someone knowledgeable in pipe leak repair, than to ignore them and risk potential water damage. Here are some useful ways you can check to see if you have leaky pipes.


Water leaks that occur in the kitchen are commonly found in the sink area and in the pipes underneath the sink. Also, the base of the faucet may be leaking if it has become loose overtime due to continuous splashing of water. If you find moisture in your cabinet beneath your kitchen sink, or there are puddles on your cabinet floor, there could a leak in your kitchen pipes that is causing dripping.


A bathroom leak will result in the growth of mould and mildew. Both are prone to appear in dark areas where there is dampness, like in areas next to your bathtub or shower pan.


The easiest way to know if your toilet is leaking is to put a few drops of food colouring into your water tank and wait at least 30 minutes to see if the coloured water will make its way into the toilet bowl. If it does then you might have leaking toilet.

Hidden pipe leak

As the name suggests, detecting a hidden pipe leak is not as easy to spot as the rest, but if not treated promptly could cause major damage leading to a hefty reparation fee. First, you can apply the water meter test by turning off all your water appliances and taking note of the reading on your water meter. After an hour go back to check on the meter; if the reading now is higher than before then there might be a hidden leak in your house. A second indication is if your monthly water bill is strangely higher than your previous bills, especially if you had been regularly using your appliances.

Alternatively, other signs that could suggest a hidden leak are damaged walls, a warped doorframe due to a hidden leak within the wall, and condensation on the walls or ceiling from dampness in the wall.

If you spotted some of the signs mentioned above, it is good to call professional plumbing services than to fix them yourself. Better to pay them now than to leave the pipe leaks untreated and pay a bigger price to fix the unnecessary damage done to your house.